Renovate your outdoor space

By thepropertypeoplecampbelltown

Australians love nothing more than outdoor entertaining and living spaces.

And winter is a great time to start planning and working on your outdoor spaces, so when spring is here, you will be enjoying the benefits of your labour!

Outdoor spaces are also highly sought-afer by buyers, so your efforts and the money spent is an investment that adds value to your home.

Here are some things to think about as you go about planning your outdoor renovation:

Provide outdoor entertaining and living areas
This could take the form of a deck, a pergola, a retractable sunshade, or verandah. Also consider including an outdoor barbeque and dining area.

Establish traffic patterns
No matter the size of your yard, your outdoor living spaces will work better together if you establish traffic patterns. You can do this in a variety of ways, including laying formal walkways, creating shifts in hardscape materials, or planting shrubs or trees to establish corners and borders.

Add a fire source
A fire draws people together. A fire pit is a great option┬áthat is both flexible and affordable – add seating around it and you have created a wonderful outdoor space for family and friends to congregate. Just make sure you read up on fire-safety and placement rules before you install.

Defined landscaped areas front and back of your home can lift the overall presentation and appeal of your home. Achieve a balance between easy maintenance, water efficiency, and hard and soft surfaces to create a landscape that enhances your property.

Also consider the plants you choose, as some are better at certain times of the year. With a bit of research you can have a garden that is stunning all year – changing at every season for wonderful effect!

You may want part of your outdoor living space to be more private than another area. Shrubs or dwarf trees are a great way to accomplish that goal; containers planted with vines scrambling up a trellis are another good screening option.

Outdoor lighting
In the evening, your front entrance, the garden, and your outdoor living spaces look wonderful with lighting. It can emphasise a feature or hide a blemish. Carefully selected lighting can create a wonderful effect that enhances your outdoor spaces and extends their enjoyment into the evening.

There is a huge range of solar lights available that can achieve a wonderful effect without wiring.

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