Spring into Auction Selling!

By thepropertypeoplecampbelltown

Over the past 6 months we have achieved outstanding results for our sellers at auction, clearing 70%* of those presented for sale.

Many people think that selling a property by auction is only for expensive or unusual properties. The reality is that auction is a proven and effective method of selling all types of properties in all price ranges! Over the past 6 months we have successfully sold numerous inner city units through to some of the largest and most outstanding homes in the region. Many of these have achieved above our seller’s reserve prices.

If you are thinking of selling this spring, consider auction as a method of effectively selling your property. Here are some facts as to why auctions are so effective.

Why sell your property by Auction?

  • It is more active when compared to other sale methods. At Dougmal Harcourts, our Auction campaign is set for an intensive 21 days, which means buyers cannot ‘sit back and wait’ (which can often happen with other sale methods). This gives you more control of the sale process.
  • The Auction event allows the natural market forces of supply and demand to determine where your property’s true market value lies.
  • The Auction method makes your agent work hard! The time, effort, organisation and accountability of the Auction selling method is far more than any other selling method.
  • An Auction offers you interchangeable selling options! The Auction method can easily be changed to a Range Sale or Fixed Price Sale if you choose.
  • Finally, the Auction sale method is the only one to offer you three opportunities to sell – sale prior to auction, sale at auction, and sale after auction.

* Includes March 13 to August 13 auction results

For more information on the methods of selling your home, including auction, speak to one of our highly experienced sales consultants on 4628 7444.