Smart property purchasing

By thepropertypeoplecampbelltown

Whether you are purchasing a property to live in or as an investment, there are some factors that separate “good” from “great” neighbourhoods. Of course there are many different preferences from person to person, but all great neighbourhoods do share some common characteristics that are universally appealing. Here are 7 signs that the neighbourhood you are considering is a great one.

Buying a property within an area renowned for great schools has a very positive affect on property prices. Throughout Australia, you generally need to live within a public school’s catchment area in order to send your child to that particular school, and some parents are willing to pay top dollar to ensure they live in the catchment area of a great public school.

We all want to live in an area where we feel safe and secure, and savvy property buyers will do their research to identify the best areas with the lowest crime rates.

A well-rounded neighbourhood is one that offers different things for different people. This means plenty of cafes and restaurants nearby for foodies; leisure centres, biking/walking tracks for active locals; parks and other outdoor spaces for families; and local clubs for community members.

Living in an area where residents don’t have to travel too far to enjoy the great outdoors makes an area more appealing. Think of parks, playgrounds, golf courses, tennis courts and public pools.

Not only does a neighbourhood look fantastic when each house is well presented, but it also shows that these owners take a lot of pride in their home – a good sign for any prospective property purchaser. This doesn’t have to mean you live in a street of luxury properties either – great presentation starts with a mowed lawn, neat and tidy yard, freshly painted exterior and clean, well-maintained footpaths.

Living close to public transport is a great asset, allowing ease of commuting to and from work, and into the surrounding shopping, entertainment or medical districts. Walkability is also a big factor – being able to leave the car at home to get to nearby markets, shops and cafes makes an area desirable.

Being close to the grocery shops and other larger-scale outlets (such as Bunnings) is highly convenient and is attractive to most people.

So, when you are out looking for your next home or investment, consider these points in selecting the area/s you wish to purchase or invest in. It is these that are most likely to gain the highest capital return. Homes in these areas are also the most sought-after and are rented faster – plus they are more likely to achieve a higher rental income and quality tenants.

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