Tips for Selling your Property in Winter

By thepropertypeoplecampbelltown

Take advantage of the winter chill and make your property stand out as extra warm and cosy! Here are some great tips to make your home more appealing when selling during the winter season:
Street appeal
Freshen up your property by putting out potted flowers, or planting some new plants to brighten up the garden area. Rake up leaves, prune dead branches and leaves, and mow your lawn to help enhance your street appeal.
Winter staging
A warm fire can be a great asset in winter. If you have a fireplace, ensure it is lit during an inspection. Blankets can also be used on couches and in the bedroom to create a cosy vibe, making buyers feel good and more comfortable in your property.
Let the light in!
At inspection time, pull back the curtains and make sure all your windows are clean. This enables maximum natural light into your home.
Use lighting to your advantage
On dim winter days, you may not have as much natural light as you want. Then it’s time to turn on all your lights and lamps to banish dark corners and give your home a cosy warm glow.
Keep the heating on
When people enter your warm home from the cold outside, it will surely be noticed and noted! However, keep it a comfortable temperature – you don’t want people to feel like they are walking into a sauna.
Appeal to their sense of smell
Before the inspection, brew some coffee, bake muffins, or some cookies. The smell will be homely and inviting and buyers will linger…
Make minor repairs
No matter what time of year you plan on selling your property, you’ll need to attend to all the minor repairs such as torn fly screens, leaking taps and sticking doors, as these small things detract from the presentation of you home.