Vibrant Winter Gardening

By thepropertypeoplecampbelltown

Having an attractive garden all year around, particularly over winter, can be quite simple. It is also a great asset if you are looking to sell your home. Also consider some living plant features inside your home, as they can brighten any space and make everyone feel brighter as well!

In the garden

  1. Add colour in your garden by painting old terracotta pots, your boundary fence, or other features in your garden.
  2. If you have outdoor furniture, rejuvenate it by covering old cushions with bright new fabric. If you are keen, consider purchasing a second hand garden bench and give it a new life by painting it in a lively colour. It then becomes a feature and also a great place to capture some winter sun.
  3. Prune any deciduous plants after their last flowers have dropped. Removing dead or dying branches tidies up your garden and will also improve the health of your plants.
  4. Fertilise your lawn to ensure it has plenty of nutrients to survive the winter frosts. 
  5. Add 2-3 inches of mulch around plants. This looks great, will prevent moisture loss, and will shield your plants’ roots from the cold.
  6. Some flowering plants love the chill of winter. Consider planting Camellias, Proteas, Lavender and Grevilleas to add colourful blooms in your garden.

Inside your home

Many plants from sub-tropical climates are great indoors and are ideal for bringing some colour into your home. Consider the following plants, as they are accustomed to fluctuating temperatures, low light, and occasionally drying out:

Moth Orchid – This beautiful flowering plants needs some warmth and light, so position it next to a window to catch the winter sun.

Madonna Lily – This glossy leafed plant with tall-stemmed flowers is known for its air purifying qualities and requires very little maintenance. The lily likes indirect sunlight in a warm room.

Silver Vase Bromeliad – This stunning bromeliad has silver frosted leaves and a bright pink spikey flower. This plant also prefers indirect sunlight.
These few simple things will enhance your indoor and outdoor living spaces, not to mention adding value to your property.