3D Virtual Technology

By Kirsten Friedli

Technology that delivers results.

Harcourts The Property People and Harcourts Lifestyles offer sellers access to our 3D digital technology that enables your property to be viewed and fully appreciated from either a mobile device or desktop computer.

Harcourts’ powerful all-in-one 3D platform turns your space into an accurate and immersive digital twin.

This technology creates an impressive buyer experience, where they can view your property’s space from multiple angles, can walk through every room in your property, consider the floor plan, and get accurate measurements of any area they choose.

This technology minimises the need for numerous buyer inspections and gives buyers imagery that they can forward to others and refer back to throughout the purchasing journey.

“Data from realestate.com.au shows people looking for homes are spending 52% longer on properties with 3D tours than those without”.

This technology provides:

Dollhouse View

Buyers can see a 3D digital twin of your property from the outside and can rotate it along any axis to see it from any perspective. From here, buyers get the ‘big picture’ layout of your property.

Inside View

Buyers can do a walk-through of your property as if they were physically there, moving from room to room and up and downstairs.

Floor Plan View

Buyers can instantly get a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the floor plan, looking down from above as if the roof was removed, so they can easily understand the layout of your property.

360-degree views

Buyers can view and control images of your outdoor spaces in 360 degrees.


Imaging can be tagged, bringing attention to any particular features in your property. This also helps buyers appreciate everything your property offers.

Measurement tool

Buyers can answer their own questions as to whether their furniture will fit, through to how big is the bathtub!!

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