Preparing your property for sale

By thepropertypeoplecampbelltown

When preparing your property for sale, where do you draw the line? What do you fix and/or renovate, and what do you leave?

If the competition is intense for buyers, then preparing your property to a high standard is very important, as you will be competing against other available properties for sale to capture buyers’ attention.

If the market in your area is super-hot, and houses are selling quickly, it shows that buyers are attracted to the area rather than the little details. In this sort of market, you should get the essential repairs done; however undertaking costlier renovations will possibly have little or no effect on the sale price.

The other major factor in deciding what to repair or renovate is how urgently you need to sell. If you need to sell your house “yesterday”, then you need to focus on removing every barrier that could potentially short-circuit the sale.

So what are the main things to consider before putting a property on the market?


  • Repair exposed nail holes, stains and imperfections in your wall’s paintwork.
  • Paint door trims and all areas showing wear and tear.
  • Remove older wallpaper and give the wall a fresh coat of paint.
  • Always choose neutral colours that make rooms appear bigger and are acceptable to more buyers.


  • The kitchen should be spotless and clutter free.
  • Make sure all cupboards and drawers are working properly.
  • Bench tops should be in great condition. If it needs to be replaced, consider installing a stone bench top, which will likely add value.
  • All leaky taps should be repaired.


  • Make sure all switches and lights are working properly.
  • Install brighter bulbs in rooms with less natural light.


  • The bathroom should be spotless with no clutter.
  • Replace or repair leaky taps.
  • Clean grouting between tiles, and if missing, repair.
  • Replace any chipped tiles.


  • Replace damaged curtains or blinds.


  • Replace old carpet, or consider polishing floorboards underneath, or another modern flooring alternative.


  • Grass should mowed, plants and trees cut back.
  • Yard should be clean and free of debris.
  • Gardens beds should be tidy and weed-free.
  • House exterior and windows should be clean.

When considering repairs or renovations, try to put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers and evaluate what would deter you from buying.

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