Spring into Auction Selling!

By thepropertypeoplecampbelltown

Dating back to Roman times, Auction was one of the oldest methods of selling, and today is still one of the most effective ways of marketing and selling real estate globally.

At Harcourts – The Property People, we have been running monthly Auction events since 2013, successfully selling CBD units through to some of the largest and most outstanding properties in the region.

If you are thinking of selling this spring, consider Auction as an effective method of selling your property. Below are some facts as to why auctions are so effective:

Why sell your property by Auction?

  1. Auction is a selling system that involves a well-organised and intensive marketing campaign of your property. At Harcourts, our Auction campaign is set for an intensive 21 days, which means buyers cannot ‘sit back and wait’ (which can often happen with other sale methods). This gives sellers more control of the process.
  2. The Auction method makes your agent work hard! The time, effort, organisation and accountability of the Auction selling method is far more than any other selling method.
  3. Auction avoids putting a price ceiling on your property, giving you the opportunity to achieve your ‘best price’. Often sellers achieve more than they thought was possible.
  4. The Auction system goes to the market to see what buyers, in a competitive situation, are prepared to pay to become the owners of your property.
  5. An Auction offers you interchangeable selling options! The Auction method can easily be changed to a Fixed Price or Range sale method if you choose.
  6. Finally, the Auction sale method is the only one to offer you three opportunities to sell – sale prior to Auction, sale at Auction, and sale after Auction.

For more information on the Auction sale method or any other advice on selling your property, speak to one of our highly experienced Sales Consultants on 4628 7444.