What to really focus on at open home inspections

By thepropertypeoplecampbelltown

Inspecting potential properties can be both fun and at times draining. Before you begin to inspect at open homes, the best thing to do is to have a list of property attributes. These would be your “must-have attributes” and “nice-to-have attributes”. For instance, “must-have attributes” would be the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garaging etc. “Nice-to-have” attributes may be a theatre room, or home gym.
There are also more things you should look out for at open home inspections:
The dwelling’s structure
Damage from pests – recent termite damage in wooden structures is of high concern. Have a look for bores through wooden frames or dirt tubes in the foundation.
Poor construction – windows and doors that jar, or cracks in the walls around doors and windows are both signs of poor construction.
Wet spots on walls or ceilings – condensation within the home can lead to mould build-up, timber decay, leaks, corrosion and even loss of structural integrity.
Cracks in the foundation – some small cracks can be harmless, however large cracks running down the foundation or across could mean a home is shifting, which can cause significant structural damage over time.
The neighbours
Do they have pets – it might not be an issue, particularly if you have pets of your own. But look for problem pets. Can you hear non-stop barking? Is there any evidence of pet damage to shared fences or common areas?
Do you have a good level of privacy – take a good look around the home from every angle. Would it give you the privacy you want?
The location
The property is on a busy main road – can you hear the noise from inside the house? A property on the main road also attracts lower prices than others that are not.
The property is next to a retail or commercial space – this can cause issues with local business traffic, parking and noise.
The property’s proximity to a train line – a property close to public transport is always convenient and attractive to tenants, however, one backing onto a train line can be very noisy.
Powerlines over the property – these lessen the value of property as they are unsightly, sometimes noisy, and are a concern due to claims that living close to them can cause health issues.
The property is on a flood plain – look into the property’s history to ascertain whether the property is located in an area that is affected during times of heavy rainfall.
These are the main considerations to look into when going through an open home. If you do decide that the home is for you, gain the help of an independent property inspector to cast a professional eye over the property.
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