Selling your home in 2018

By thepropertypeoplecampbelltown

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to sell your home and upgrade or move to a more desirable location, now is a good time to consider putting your property on the market.

The sun is shining, homes are often looking their best, and many buyers are out in force, looking to “make good” on their new year’s resolutions in securing their next home or investment property.

So what should you do to start making the sale of your property a reality?

There are bare minimums that need to be done to ensure a good sale. Cleaning, de-cluttering, de-personalising, and making needed repairs are all part of the preparation. The amount of time and effort in the right areas will certainly be worth your while!

Your chosen agent can guide you on what needs to be done, and many have the best local contacts to get the work done right!

Don’t just go with someone you know, or the agent who sold the neighbour’s house. Meet at least three agents, talk with them, attend some of their open homes and assess the way they do business.

Choose an agent who will work hard at following up buyers, has a good manner with people, as well as being a good and tough negotiator.

Pricing your property correctly, right from the start is a top priority. This does not mean “cheap”- it means at a price that meets the current market.

Statistics show that a new property will attract the most interest in the first couple of weeks, and then interest levels decrease. So you need to take advantage of this peak buyer traffic by advertising your property with a realistic price that will channel the greatest amount of ready buyers to your home.

There is no doubt that the systems, expertise, and connections available to you through engaging a professional real estate agent will increase your chance of a successful sale.

Talk to your agent about using the marketing tools that gain maximum exposure for your property, and make sure these tactics will connect with the type of buyers most likely to purchase your home.

Open houses are very important, but you should also be ready for ad-hoc showings and second inspections.

Presentation is king! If needed, or if it suits your circumstances, you may wish to consider property staging or styling to assist in selling your home.

Next your agent should engage a professional photographer to capture images of your property in its best light. This is highly important, as many people’s first view of your home is from these photos online or in a publication.

An auction is a great method of sale for those with a tight timeframe, as it gives the seller a likely sale date, or even a possible sale before auction! In tougher markets, there is always the risk that the house will not sell. Despite this, the auction process still increases the visibility of a property over a short timeframe, and at Harcourts, properties that are passed-in at Auction are negotiated with buyers and sold on average the week after the auction.

For more information on selling your home, contact one of our highly experienced sales professionals on 4628 7444.